February 2012

Articles -

  • Malta - Pete tastes Marsovin wines in Malta
  • CWG 2006 - Pete tastes CWG auction wines
  • Pink Mystery of Sex - Pete drinks a truly sexy wine
  • Champagne - Pete opens Champagne with a sabre
  • Rogov's Guide to Israeli Wines - Reviewed
  • Whats in your wine? - Listing ingredients
  • Magnetic Magic? - Perfect Sommelier magnet aging tested
  • New England Triangle - Pete visits three NE wineries
  • Aurora to Zweigelt - Pete tastes 45 Finger Lakes varieties

  • California Wineries - Pete in Northern California
  • Make Your Own Labels - Tom Pelick shows how.
  • Petite Sirah - an investigation into this variety by Dennis Fife
  • Storing Wine - pundits say so but is it really necessary to lay it on its side?
  • Tame Your Sommelier During Wine Ordering - Do you dread ordering wine in a swish restaurant?
  • Queen of Clubs - Anelia Pavlova's banned bare breasted beauty
  • Wine & Food Matching Rules are Bunk!
  • A Black Cock Guarantees Satisfaction
  • Niagara Peninsula - Canada's quality wine area
  • Temecula - Cruising Californias Compact Wine Country

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  • Article Index increasing selection of wine and wine travel articles
  • Removing Labels - How to get the pesky things off the bottle.

  • dooyoo needs yoo!


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    T his site celebrates unusual wines. Unusual varieties, wines from unusual places, and wines with distinctive, weird and funny labels.
    Everyone loves Chardonnay, but do you want to drink it every day? There are hundreds of wines made from grapes that are not everyday names. This site features some of the more interesting ones.

    And talking of Chardonnay, would you buy one called Fat Bastard, or a Sauvignon Blanc called Cats Pee on a Gooseberry Bush? No? These two wines are best sellers and are two of the amusing names you might come across in your local store that remind that wine should - above all - be fun

    Did you know there are vineyards and wineries in Muslim countries, in battlezones, and even on patios?

    There are more than 230 unusual labels on this site. China, Thailand, and thirty-two other countries are represented, there are vintages dating from 1972 through to 2541 and many labels with weird and funny names. If you're looking for a particular one try the site index, else click on the 'Dancing Men' below to view the collection.

    There's also a growing collection of wine and wine travel articles to read.

    And for reading, there is my new book Marilyn Merlot and the Naked Grape, with 256 pages of unusual labels and the stories behind them.

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