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Unusual Labels
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Diversity in Wine

A ll over the world wine makers, marketeers and artists are working to provide us with weird labels to catch our eye.

White Trash White California
White Trash White label This wine, and its red partner 'Redneck Red', labelled for friends in Bakersfield proved surprisingly popular and now they can be bought in local stores and supermarkets. This is what the back label says:

Nestled in the scenic foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the quaint community of Oildale. An upscale of Bakersfield. Known for a rich cultural history of art and music and more recently for a wine label called Harper Hill.
Strategically planted btween pumping oil wells and oil sumps are rows of grapevines.
This blend of oil and tar-tainted soils leds itself to a wine grape flavor seldom duplicated throughout the world of viticulture. At your next trailer park potluck, surprise your neighbors with this teasingly trashy white. No catfish should be served without it.

Satyricon California
Interesting picture. Satyrs are supposed to ravage maidens, but this maiden seems to be well on top of the situation. The satyr looks surprised while the tabby cat looks on.

Many thanks to Tom Pelick for the label. Tom says the wine, a Rhone style blend, is made by Renwood; I was at Renwood's Amador County winery in June 2002 and unfortunately didn't see it. Apparently the womans white dress was a late addition painted on as a result of some US states not approving the label for sale. If anyone has a copy of the original I'd like to see it By the way, Tom is a dab hand with labels himself. Read his article on making labels here

Satyricon label
Hair of the Dingo Australia
Hair of the Dingo label Our baggy shorted traveller has reached the land down under. We saw him on our very first page. His travels have taken him to Spain and South Africa and this is another attractive and witty label in this range of inexpensive and very drinkable wines.
Flying Pig
Flying Pig label
The wrap around label reads We think you stand more chance of seeing a flying pig than a better wine at this price. This cherry ripe rich red from Sicily is great with cheese meat or on its own . .. at any time

It's an enjoyable keenly priced quaffer.

Gnekow Family Winery
What a great name!

Rudy Gnekow told me "We are a family run winery, two years ago we wanted to develop a product that was affordable, that deliver high quality and created a unique "point of difference" on the shelf. YN pronounced Wine sells in the range of 2 for $12.00.

We held an internal contest and awarded $2,000 to the person who came up with the most clever label which had to have the state of California on it. YN comes in a red and/or white wine, so you would look at the bottle and be able to say California Red Wine or California White Wine. We felt the label gave us a true "point of difference" in the market place and also delivered a fun wine for people to gather around the BBQ."

The label succeeded in catching the public eye - 4,000 cases were sold in 2002.

YN label for their red wine
True Frogs Lily Pad Red
Black Sheep Vintners
Calaveras County
True Frogs Lilypad Red label Mark Twain wrote about Calaveras County's frog race, but on this label the only racing is the frogs hearts as their romantic tryst seems to be close to a climax.

Calaveras County is a most attractive part of northern California with rolling hills and oak trees. I tasted this wine at the Black Sheep winery. It's an enjoyable every day drinker.

For another drinking frog see Paddarotti.

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