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Diversity in Wine

E ven more interesting, beautiful and illegal wine labels.

Pinup California
     What a sight to find in your barrel cellar! This is one of a series of four pin-up labels for De La Montanya Vineyards & Winery.
     Only 65 to 125 cases of each Pinup wine is produced and they are available only from the winery tasting room and their wine club.
     The winery produces some 3800 cases in 15 different varieties from estate grown fruit including Pinot Meunier and a late harvest Viognier.
     Dennis De La Montanya told me that the Pinup range contains some of their best wines and the Pinup labels were approved after a two month delay but no other comments from the ATF " I guess they needed the extra time to pass them around the office."

    Many thanks to Dennis De La Montanya for use of his label image

Pinup  label used with permission and thanks
See the other Pinup labels at De La Montanya Vineyards & Winery website
Terre Arse
Cantine Florio
Terre Arse Red label

I guess Cantine Florio's marketing department doesn't realise what 'arse' means in Britain*.
I did a double take when I saw this bottle and had to take a photo of it.
     Terre Arse means 'burnt earth' and I found this 19% ABV Marsala fortified wine dry and spiritous, giving a alcoholic burn. Its made from a blend of grapes, including Grillo and Cataratto in a solera process.

* or maybe they do!

B Seppelt & Sons, Adelaide, South Australia
Bullamakanka label

      Bullamakanka as launched by Seppelts in 1976 as a result of and protest to the Australian Senate Standing Committee on Trade and commerce into Winemaking and Grape growing.

      Bill Seppelt says " My cousin Karl Seppelt, who was CEO at the time became riled at the accusations of the industry being unable to use Australian names for wines when, infact our company was using Australian names almost exclusively and pointed out that naming wines after a little known outback town such as Bulamakanka would not do a lot for acceptance of the product. One Senator on the panel suggested that Bulamakanka Burgundy sounded just fine to him.

      The result is the label you see with a raging, well endowed bull on the label and the town referred too having its spelling slightly modified to Bullamakanka to exemplify his ire."

      The back label carries a faux legend which pokes fun at Canberra politicians and their musings.

Illegal Label
Illegal label

Can you see what's wrong with this label? This is the back label of the Co-op's own label Pinotage. The Co-op decided to break the law when they labelled this, and all the other wines in their own label range.

The Co-op decided to list ingredients used in making the wine, and that is against EU regulations.

For more about this label, click here

Ballet of Angels
Pomfret, Connecticut, USA
Ballet of Angels label
This beautiful label with its ethereal young child with piercing eyes and an old face is just beautiful. It is a huge label which covers most of its bottle.

      I was told the winery owner was looking, without success, through a series of art books for an image to appear on their new wine. Giving up, she settled down to sleep to be later woken by the sound of a book falling to the floor. Switching on a light she found a book lying open at this picture.

      I visited Sharpe Hill winery in April 2004 and enjoyed all their wines, especially this, made from Vignoles grapes and its pair Red Seraph (again with an attractive label) made from a blend of St Croix grown on the farm and Merlot from Long Island.

      Ballet of Angels has a pear like nose, crisp with a slightly oily mid palate, light bodied with an off dry finish. Itís an ideal aperitif wine, most enjoyable and said to be Connecticutís most popular wine.

      The picture on the label is titled "Francis O. Watts with Bird" and was painted in 1805 by deaf artist John Brewster Jr. (1766-1854) who was one of the most prominent portrait painters in America. The artists biography A Deaf Artist in Early America: The Worlds of John Brewster Jr by Harlan Lane was published by the Beacon Press in September 2004.

Blasted Church
Blasted Church label
This wonderfully individualistic label is one of a matching series featuring identifiable characters and the Blasted Church of the title. It's larger than shown above to wrap completely around the bottle. See www.blastedchurch.com for the story of the event that happened 75 years ago that inspired the name. Thanks to Bernie at Brandever Marketing Consultants for sending me copies these lovely labels.

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