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Unusual Labels
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Diversity in Wine

M ore attractive, amusing and interesting labels, including a Camp and a Happy Camper

Grape Brain
Maleta Winery
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
     Grape Brain is the popular everyday range of wines from Maleta Winery. The name "reminds us that wine is good for our brain and intellect," owner Daniel Pambianchi told me.
Grape Brain  label
website at www.maletawinery.com
Happy Camper
Happy Camper Wines
Happy Camper label
website at www.happycamperwines.com

      "Must we always be cramped up in cellars and leather clad dens?" asks Jeffery Dye.

      His range of Happy Camper wines evoke the freedom a guy can enjoy when he heads out into the country. Leaving his leather den our website narrator (Cabernet Sauvignon) parks next to Steve's cabin, plugs in and prepares to hunker down. "At night Steve would play quiet jazz ... I uploaded my file via Steve's dish .. and let out a primal scream of joy" He's not so lucky on the Chardonnay. "After two hours working my favorite secret spot, not one had risen to taste my fly." But by the time we get to the Merlot he's "flapping about with my old thruster."

      Triggered by the 'Happy Camper' name, my filthy mind found double entendres everywhere. But Jeffrey denies amy such intention. "Sorry," he told me, "I don't know what the word entendres means. I am going to have to look it up."

      These delightful labels -- they won a Gold medal at the 2006 Los Angeles County Fair -- show a silver Airstream camper under towering clouds on the chardonnay, an ocean-side beach under a dark, starry sky on the merlot and two giant redwood trees on cabernet sauvignon.

      Jeffery says "Happy Camper appeals to the young at heart looking to be free of the crusty old school attitudes about wine and food. In three delicious varietals, Happy Camper is setting the pace for the good times ahead. With its distinctive packaging and memorable name, Happy Camper is poised to become an American wine legend."

      The wines are closed with screw caps (hooray - no hunting for a corkscrew) and retail for $8.99 Thanks to Jeffery Dye at Rainier Wine for the label

H Brunier & Fils
Chateauneuf du Pape
Telegramme label

      What do you do when you are a world famous vineyard with a well respected reputation and then you have a disaster?

      2002 was a terrible year in the Southern Rhone with torrential rains, hail and flooded vineyards.

      The makers of one of Châteauneuf's best wines - Vieux-Télégraphe - decided the wine from that vintage just wasn't good enough to sell under its usual name.

      But if they sold it off as plain Chateauneuf du Pape then no one would associate with them. Perhaps they should have done that. But they decided to name the wine as Télégramme and they printed the name on the reverse of their usual label.

      At least it looks like they flipped over their usual label and printed the back with the new name while the original label shows through the thin paper.

      But in fact the reverse of this label is blank. The Vieux-Télégraphe label has been printed faintly in a mirror image together with the new name. So everyone knows what is in the bottle and are prepared to pay a bit more than they would for an anonymous Chateauneuf du Pape, and yet the reputable name hasn't been tainted. A case of having your cake and eating it?

      This wine was light coloured and rather thin, although some fruit and tannins present I felt it was overpriced. tasted 3 May 2006

Cotes du Ventoux
     An egg shaped label, with an illustration of a cat (chat in French) sitting on an egg (oeuf in French)

     And when you say the name, it sound suspiciously like the famous and expensive French Chateauneuf wine from the Rhone.

    We Chat en Oeuf label small have seen the South Africans punning French wine names with Goats do Roam and Goat Rotie -- and the French government has tried to get those names banned. Now here is a French wine doing the same. If you can't beat them.....

    This is a pleasant blend of old vine Grenache and Syrah, made in a fruit forward modern way. Purr - fect tasted March 06

Chat en Oeuf label
Mad Housewife
Mad Housewife Cellars
Mad Housewife label
website at www.madhousewifecellars.com

      She may look in control, but this housewife is on the edge. She's holding it all together, just, but her husband is bringing his boss home for dinner soon, her soufflé is refusing to rise, the meat still needs defrosting and in the background her kids are about to set the drapes on fire. What is a girl to do?

      Luckily she's got a bottle of Chardonnay nearby. She's going to find a quiet place to sit down and enjoy a chilled glass or two, dinner be damned.

      There's also a Cabernet and Merlot in this range of fun wines whose name was originally inspired by the film "Diaries of a Mad Housewife".

Thanks to Gwen Hoover at Rainier Wine for the label

South Africa
     Backsberg winery has Cape Town's large vibrant Gay community firmly in mind with the Camp range of wines.
     As the back label puts it "Extraordinary, glamorous and delighful. This is the taste of Camp. Sweet ripe fruit fill the mouth, having a long and satisfying finish."
    And who can ask for more?

    This Chardonnay is unoaked, fresh, clean, modern, fruity and very quaffable. tasted 23/9/05

     Many thanks to Paula in the Backsberg tasting room.

Camp  label
website at www.backsberg.co.za

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8 October 2006