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Diversity in Wine


If you are looking for an unusual wine then try Wine Searcher's worldwide database of wines and stockists.


      The Pinotage Club blog focuses on this unusual variety.


      Africus Rex is the worlds smallest winery. (unless you know of one smaller!)

      Jack Keller champions wine made from native American varieties, and his web-site is a fund of information on grapes and wine-making.

      M Chapoutier , based in the Rhone is the first and only wine company shipping all its wines with labels embossed in Braille.

Wine Label Collections

      www.oenographilie.be displays Stéphane Debros' collection of labels from Classed Growth clarets.

      Italian collecter's site offering a "virtual travel through the labels and the images of the vineyard".

      Angelo Musanti is an Italian wine label collector member and under-secretary of AICEV (Italian Association of Wine Labels Collectors). His site has his collection of old wine,liquors and cognac labels:

      Yuji Asanuma's site displays labels of Japanese wine, labels designed by Japanese trading company, Queen related wine labels, and so on. There are about 60 wine labels he collected.

      Palermo flash e click rappresenta la vecchia Palermo dei Florio agli inizi del secolo scorso con le sue vie,i mezzi di trasporto,la pubblicità,le prime iniziative industriali,le abitudini,i costumi,l'opulenza della Palermo felicissima e dei poveri.

      Eric Andersen's eclectic Grape-Nutz site has had a refresh and now looks even better with lots of information and some interesting labels.

      Tony Palfrey's Australian Wine Label site features Australian labels, and he is now extending the site to encompass other countries. Labels are grouped according to type and location.

      Mike Kellstrand's Wine Label Gallery is dedicated to those wine makers who make the extra effort to adorn their bottles with a beautiful label. Mike's goal is to showcase the most beautiful and artistic labels from around the world.

Art Stratmeyer's Stratsplace has thousands of donated wine labels, including some of mine. Also visit the forum for intelligent food and wine discussion.


Alan Low's Sanlowalan Miniature Bottles Collection specializes in Asia oriental bottles, particularly in old and new Chinese wines and liqueurs that are weird and uncommon.

Wine Label Designers

      Stranger & Stranger Ltd, based in London, have designed stunning labels for wineries around the world.

      Favor Label by Diamond Hill Vineyards in Rhode Island USA design and make wine labels,using either their templates or your own photo or artwork. They specialise in wedding favours.

Wine Label Makers

      Stoney Creek Wine Press based in Canada and the US supply customised and personalised wine labels including blank and part printed labels and software for designing your own.

      Collotype Labels, based in Australia are the company that introduced DNA coded labels. Their customers include major wineries in Australia, California and South Africa.

Wine Labelling Services

      HOPE Services in California provides work for those with developmental disabilities. Specializing in custom jobs that cannot be done by machine, e.g. re label, private label, odd shaped bottle labeling, seasonal packaging, gift packs, shrink wrap/bulk packing, etc. They have a Bonded Wine Seller licensed facility and can help with export labeling needs. .


General Wine Sites

      The UK Wine Forum is the UKs first wine forum for civilised wine chat with a British accent. I am there every day, so please do join us.

      WineIntro.com is Lisa Shea's new home on the web: US wine information and a forum. Also detailed companion to the novel Da Vinci Code including all its inaccuracies. LL>

Tom Cannavans Wine Pages performs the miracle of daily updates. Tom is a wine educator, judge and columnist. This site is encyclopaedic and growing every day.

      Jamie Goode is The Wine Anorak and his site contains everything you'd expect from an expert enthusiasts site, with good UK content.

Robin Garr's Wine Lovers Discussion Group is the US's leading discussion forum for wine lovers to meet. I visit at least once a day.

      Andrew Barrow's blogs is always worth a read.

     Chris Kissack is The Winedoctor whose prescription is to visit his eclectic on-line Wine Commentary daily.

      Billy Chan's InternetWineGuide gives a global view of the world of wine.

      Professional Friends of Wine is a non-profit group whose express purpose is to promote wine appreciation. Their primary area of specialization is California wine, although they have quite a bit of original general content, including a good explanation of the legalities behind wine labels.

      BordeauxCentral is a wine enthusiasts' forum about Bordeaux and other areas. With 600+ links to wine information and merchants around the world, tasting note archives, maps and more.

Other Sites

WineSearch Online lists this site and you can search for other quality sites.

Wine Gifts

      Dylan Rosen at Pacifica Tile Art Studio makes custom tile murals featuring wine art and vineyards.

      Karen Taylor's unique and personalised wine charms are available from www.karensglabels.com. Charms are handmade and can be any theme - wine, sports, animals, occupations and more! Great for weddings, birthdays, auctions and fund raising.


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