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Niagara Peninsula
Ontario, Canada
London Winetasting

London tasting 9 January 2002

We brought home twelve wines from Ontario for a winetasting I presented to The Central London Wine Society in central London on 9 January 2002. I chose wines that I felt gave a broad representation of wines produced in the area, but there were so many more wines I wanted to bring. I included three hybrid wines in the selection.

As I find it difficult to write full tasting notes while presenting, the following notes are courtesy of Sue Watson. The CLWS marks out of 7. The first mark given is Sue's, the second is mine and the third is the overall average.

These were the wines, in the order presented

1999 Vidal
Peller Estates
Founder's Series
VQA Ontario
Clear, v pale gold, broad watery rim, bright clear, med nose, some acetic acid? golden plums, grassy notes, med acidity, soft creamy short length, off dry, pineapple, peach med alcohol, slightly foxy! (3) (4) (3.8)(note - this wine was bought in the UK from Waitrose supermarket at £4.99. We had two bottles)

2000 Gewurtztraminer
Peller Estates
Vineyard Series
VQA Niagara Peninsula
Clear, viv pale gold, bright clean med nose, perfumed, hint of lychee, lemon, off-dry, med-length, med acidity, med-bodied, slightly spicy, sweetish finish, lychee & honey on palate (4)(4) (4) label

1998 Chardonnay
Reif Vineyard
Thirty Bench Wines
VQA Niagara Peninsula
Clear, med gold, bd watery rim, bright, clean, med nose, loads of toasty oak, tropical fruit, dry, med body, good length, v.v.v. burnt oaky, slight buttery, high alcohol - warm finish, lots of vanilla on finish (3)(6) (4)

1999 Pinot Noir
Creekside Estate
VQA Niagara Peninsula
Clear pale crushed strawberry, narrow watery rim, clean, weak nose, strawberry, slightly vegetal, dry, thin, acid, rubbery, toasted cardboard, peters out, dull sour (2)(4) (3) label

1999 Marechal Foch
VQA Ontario
Clear, light ruby, narrow pink rim, clean, medium nose, toffee, damson, dry, med body, medium acid, soft tannin, med-high alcoholic (warm finish), sour plum, toffee, pencil shavings, metallic "still catching up with itself" (2)(3) (3.7)

2000 Baco Noir
Henry of Pelham
VQA Ontario
Clear, light purple, narrow, water rim, very youthful, clean med nose, vegetal, toasty oak, berry fruit, dry medium length, weak bodies, high acid, medium tannin. Sour peppery, cardboardy, ribena aftertaste. (2)(5) (3.5) label

1998 Cabernet Franc
De Sousa
VQA Niagara Peninsula
Clear, light ruby, narrow white rim, bright, clean, med nose, stalky, caramel, peppers, off-dry, med body, med acid, soft tannins, creamy hot finish, chocolate orange, dusty fruity, peppery (3)(3) (4)

1999 Beamsville Bench
Crown Bench
VQA Niagara Peninsula
Clear, light purple/ruby, narrow pink rim, clean, med nose, rhubarb, dry, med body, med length, med acid, soft tannins. taste of roast beef & BO! (3)(3) (3.8) (note - I thought this wine was wonderful when I tasted it at the winery, but unfortunately this particular bottle had very strange off notes, not at all like the one I first had)

1998 Cabernet/Merlot
Marynissen Estate
VQA Niagara Peninsula
Clear, med purple/ruby, dull, clean, weak nose, xmas cake; dry, med acid, tannins, good length, high alcohol, vanilla fudge, sour, meaty, bit of fruit. (4)(6) (4.4) label

1998 Meritage
Proprietors Grand Reserve
VQA Niagara Peninsula
Clear, med garnet, narrow watery rim, dull. Clean, stalky, coffee, chocolate. Dry med body, high acid, high tannin, high alcohol, coffee, chocolate, cherryade, stalky, minty. Balanced (4)(6) (4.3)

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