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Unusual Varietals
Diversity in Wine
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Primitivo Italy
Until recently it seemed the Primitivo vine grown in the Puglia region in the heel of Italy was the same as Zinfandel, and some Italian winemakers were labelling it as such.

Further exhaustive study has shown that both varieties are clones descended from a now rare Croation variety Crljenak Kastelanski, pronounced tsurl-YEN-ahk kahstel-AHN-ski.

Chasan France
Chasan is a new crossing of Chardonnay with Listan (aka Palomino - the variety used in Spain to make Sherry), developed by the University of Montpellier in France, giving a fresh dry wine with ripe fruit tastes. Pronounced "sha-sawn".
Aglianico Italy
Aglianico is a traditional grape native to Puglia in southern Italy where is produces a full-bodied wine with black-fruit character and firm tannins. The makers recommend it for cold winter days (Inverno is Italian for winter), but also suggest it as an ideal match for fine dark chocolate.
Cesar Chile
This red grape comes from the Chablis region of France where it is almost always blended with Pinot Poir. Vina Morande is pioneering a range of wines made from varietals new to Chile under the Aventura label. This pleasant unfiltered wine shows the variety has potential
Stover Florida
The rolling hills overlooking picturesque lakes in mid Florida would seem the be ideal for grape growing. But as well as phyloxera Florida is cursed with Pierce's Disease. The University of Florida has been breeding wine grapes from the native Floridan muscardine varietal. Stover is a hybrid bunchgrape making a pale white almost tasteless wine.

Lake Ridge is a modern go-ahead winery a short drive north from Orlando and well worth an excursion. They makes a range of wine, including methode champenois sparkling wines which they do not call champagne. I was told they had been informed they weren't allowed to. But they still make a wine called 'chablis'. The staff there said 'Oh - do they make chablis in France?'. There is an interesting tour, ample free tasting and pleasant grounds in which to stroll and picnic.

The US, being a bit peculiar where alcohol is concerned, won't allow them to sell wine to have with your picnic, so just take a corkscrew and some drinking containers and don't tell them when you buy your bottle(s).

Albarino Spain
Albarino (known as Alvarinho in Portugal where it is used to make Vinho Verde). White wine grape variety, used to create a serious varietal wine with pleasant citrus fruit aroma, widely grown in regions of N.W. Spain and also in northern Portugal. Thought by some to be a Riesling clone originating from the Alsace region of France.

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