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Robin Garr     I was delighted that Robin Garr agreed to write the foreward to Marilyn Merlot and the Naked Grape. Robin is a well respected wine authority in the United States -- and throughout the world through his website at

   Robin Garr is a lifelong metro journalist, he was a working newspaper reporter for more than 25 years, winning many journalism awards including a share of the Pulitzer Prize at The Louisville Courier-Journal in 1989.

    A wine lover since his first visit to the Napa Valley in the 1960s, he wrote a weekly wine column at The Louisville Times and Courier-Journal from 1980-1990. He has written about wine for many publications ranging from The New York Times to airline and other special-interest magazines, including a regular wine feature appearing in Louisville Magazine. He appeared as "The Classical Connoisseur" on National Public Radio's Radio Catskill as a regular commentator on food and wine. He has also written extensively about food and restaurants. He was an organizing wine judge at the Kentucky State Fair and has participated in its judging over two decades; he has also judged wines at Italy's Banco d'Assagio at Torgiano, the Sydney International Wine Competition, Vino Ljubljana in Slovenia (where he is shown judging in 2002 in the picture above), the Indiana State Fair and the Maryland Wine Festival.

    Robin Garr has been involved in wine appreciation online since the mid-1980s, serving as a manager of CompuServe's Wine Forum for nearly a decade before the evolution of the World Wide Web. He created (then titled Robin Garr's Wine Bargain Page) in 1994 as one of the first independent wine-education Websites, and has presided over its growth into the largest, most popular and most highly awarded wine destination on the Internet. He began its Wine Lovers' Discussion Group the first Web-based interactive wine-appreciation community, in 1996; and he launched the popular E-mail newsletter, The 30 Second Wine Advisor, at the start of 1999.

    Read Robin's foreword to Marilyn Merlot and the Naked Grape by asking for the book at your local bookshop, or order from Amazon by clicking the links below order today

Marilyn Merlot and the Naked Grape
Odd Wines from Around the World

by Peter F May
Published by Quirk Books 1 June 2006
256 pages, all full colour
Introduction by Robin Garr
ISBN: 1594740992 Price: US = $16.95 Price: UK = £10.99

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1 May 2006