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Diversity in Wine

T here seems to be no end to unusual or inventive labels, weird or funny names and other interesting labels. Here we again see legal restrictions affecting labels, plus some desperate marketing attempts, plus a real label lovers label! Enjoy the following....

H W B Australia
     You won’t see H.W.B in its homeland, yet it’s been Australia’s biggest selling premium white wine since 1937 when it was first created by Houghton’s legendary winemaker Jack Mann. Judges at that years Melbourne Wine Show compared it to the great French white Burgundies, and it’s been Houghton’s White Burgundy there ever since.

     When Houghton introduced it to Europe they couldn’t put ‘Burgundy’ on the label, and trade agreements mean its Australian name will soon change. The winery is asking customers for alternatives, suggesting White Classic or White Houghton.

     Unlike Burgundy, this is made from a blend of grapes, including Chenin Blanc, Muscadelle, Chardonnay, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc chosen to get a consistent style.

     H.W.B. is a pleasant dry wine, with fat fruity flavours over rounded oak and a cleansing sharp finish, good on its own or with chicken or pasta in a creamy sauce.

     So what does H.W.B. stand for? Beats me....

And this is what the label looks like in Australia.

Many thanks to Murray Almond in Australia for getting the label.

Vampire Romania
So you have a business importing wine from Romania. Do you emphasise value for money, or the long history of winemaking, or go straight for the jugular. Yep - thats right. The Vampire Vineyards wine company play the vampire card with labels dripping with blood and pictures out of Brueghel. Visit them at www.vampirewine.com for the full range. .
Santa's Reserve California
This label is one of a range of jolly labels for Christmas. Does this explain why Rudolph has a red nose? Another has the slogan Jingle Bells, White Zinfandel .
Gridiron Cuvee California
I guess you'd have to be a real fan of American football to want to drink a wine called Gridiron Cuvee with this label on it..... .
Panteg Wales

So whats wrong with the top label? Nothing except that the EU doesn't recognise the language of the country that produced it. Hence the second label - which carries the legal requirements in English. As far as the EU is concerned the little label is the front label. But we all know which label is facing forward on the shelves of wineshops in Wales!
Thanks to Oliver Richardson for the label - to learn about the wonderful Welsh wines visit his site
10th Anniversary Belgium/South Africa
Sometimes wine label collectors take a more active role. The above label was produced to celebrate the tenth anniversary in 1998 of a Belgian association which consists of more than 300 wine label collectors all over Belgium. The objective of the association is to stimulate contacts between collectors and to organise fairs and exhibitions on a non-commercial basis (approx. 10 fairs a year). There are several local divisions active in the main towns as Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels, etc. The association is also present at important wine fairs as Megavino and the Wine Mondial at Brussels. Furthermore, the association publishes four times a year a periodical, called "Vinolabel Belgium".

Note the label is in three languages, English plus the two national languages of Belgium, Flemish and French.

Visit the Belgische Federatie voor Oenografilie v.z.w./ Fédération Belge d'Oenographilie a.s.b.l. web-site

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