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W ine is grown and made all over the world. Sometimes under very difficult circumstances - geographically, politically, and climatically.
Here are some more wines that had to struggle to get to your local wine store

Familia Zarrouk Sidi Salem
Many years ago on a beach holiday in Tunisia I was pleasantly surprised by the standard of the local wines. You rarely see them outside the country, but I recently found this in a local shop.
Its a Carignan from old vines with an impressive depth of flavour.
Aga White
Hatten Wines
Are there any other vineyards producing 100 vintages in seven years? Hatten Wines is the only winery on the Indonesian island of Bali making wine from grapes it grows in its own vineyards. (there are some other wineries who use imported grape juice). The tropical heat means their vines are evergreens, continually producing grapes allowing constant picking and multiple vintages.

After much experimentation they chose as their main grape variety Alphonse-Lavallée, a seedless French vine used elsewhere for table grapes. They're grown on overhead trellises, using small trees as supporting posts which also have to be pruned. Besides keeping the workers cool this system reduces the risk of diseases and sunburn on the grapes, all contributing to a better fruit quality. Keeping grapes protected from the elements is a full time operation and workers live in houses built amongst vines.

Traditional varieties including Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay failed to fruit and were susceptible to termites.

Vincent Desplat, Hatten Wines French born winemaker makes red, white, rose and methode champenois sparkling wines, plus a Pineau des Charentes style apéritif.

Aga White label

The painting by Balinese painter I Wayan Barwa from Ubud, Bali depicts the story of the kind hearted "Bawang Putih" in the 'Traditional Ubud' painting style.


Many thanks to Marissa at Hatten Wines for sending me the labels and information about the varieties grown. Visit Hatten Wines on the web at www.hattenwines.com

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