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Unusual Labels
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Diversity in Wine

Tame your Sommelier when Ordering Wine - If ordering wine in snooty restaurants is an ordeal try these techniques that put you back in control.

D on't you just love these labels?

Il Pescatore
Ca' del Solo
Santa Cruz
Il Pescatore Label A wonderful label design. Here are two labels. The top one is on the front of the bottle, the lower one on the back, with the illustration pasted to the glass. So when you look at the bottle the lower picture is magnified by the bend of the bottle and the wine inside. There is a shoal of glittering silver fish that sparkle in the light, but the angler appears to have caught an old boot - which is exactly the same shape as Italy.
The rear of the lower label, that faces out, says this California wine contains Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Riesling, Roussanne, Pinot Blanco and Pino Nero.

Many thanks to Angelo Musanti in Genova, Italy for posting this label to me.

Grand Lancy FC Gamay
Grand Lacy FC Label
This label was sent to me by my friend, Hannu Lehmusvuori in Helsinki, Finland. Hannu says "Grand-Lancy-FC - Spéciale Cuvée D1 is a Gamay 1997 from Switzerland, specially bottled for raising money for a junior (D1) football team Grand-Lancy-FC, near Geneva. The vigneron, etc., can be found in the text at the bottom of the label: 'Elevé et mis en bouteille par Pierre Barthassat, vigneron-encaveur à Charrot / GE.'
I got this bottle from a dear Swiss friend of mine, Pierre-Alain Gendre, whose son, Antonin Gendre, can be seen on the label (front row, second from left) as the goal-keeper. Usually he plays another position - so, this makes the wine even more unusual.
Pierre-Alain teaches English in Geneva and has translated several books from English, and what is even more unusual, many very fine books from Finnish (Raija Siekkinen, Leena Krohn, etc.). The target language is, of course, French."

Hannu combines wine, art and poetry on his award winning Weekly Wine site.

Old Git France
A runaway success in Britain, Old Git now also comes in a Reserve and sparkling formats, and has crossed the pond where its known as Old Fart.
The wine was deep purple with a super fruity Grenache taste.
Christmas presentation packs of Old Git come with a smart talking tie. No Old Git about town should be without one. I never leave home without wearing mine.
See also the matching Old Tart white wine.

Michael Quinion's superb World Wide Words site at http://www.quinion.com/words examines the meaning behind words. Here is his explanation of the word Git. -- From before 1300 a 'get' was what had been begotten, a child or offspring. But by about 1500 it had started to be used in Scotland and northern England in the sense of 'misbegotten', a bastard; from there it became a general term of abuse for a fool or idiot. By about 1700 'get' seems to have lapsed into slang or dialect, only to reappear in the wider language in the 1940s with a different spelling and lacking the associations with illegitimacy. James Joyce uses the older spelling (and meaning) in Ulysses in 1922: "The bloody thicklugged sons of whores' gets!" These days, it's a widely known and used term of abuse in Britain for somebody regarded as totally worthless or useless, most commonly appearing in cries of frustration such as "that stupid git, now look what he's done!".

Up a Gum Tree
Gum Tree Label The best thing about this wine is its label. It was a fairly non-descript wine that didn't have the hallmark spicey Shiraz characteristics. It was bottled in England and this label slapped on it. Goodness knows who made it.
Fifty years ago wine was sent in its original barrels to England and bottled here, and this was a guarantee of quality. Nowadays they ship wine in bulk tankers and they always seem dull and lifeless. I purchased this for the web-site - see the sacrifices I make for you!
Bull's Blood
Villany Winery
Bulls Blood Label
Bulls Blood of Eger, or Egri Bikaver unusual name refers to the time in the 16th century when the town of Eger was besieged by an invading Turkish army. The defending soldiers fought back fiercely. So fiercely that when they were observed by the Turks drinking local red wine which stained their beards red the Turks assumed the ferocity was gained by drinking the blood of bulls.
This wine is a blend of Kekfrankos, Merlot and Cabernet Franc and was very pleasant.
What's in a Name? - Napa Valley gets in a huff about others using the word Napa while I'm drinking a glass of 'chianti' made in Los Angeles.
le fiat door Sicily
A very amusing pun on the heavily advertised Piat d'Or with its advertising slogan 'The French adore Le Piat d'Or'. (Of course the French do no such thing; the sweetened bland Piat d'Or blend is not available in France.)
This wine is a very drinkable red from the Nero d'Avola grape. There is a matching white wine named Le Seat Door. (Fiat and Seat are both car makers.)
Le Fiat Door Label

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