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Unusual Labels
page 11

Diversity in Wine

D evil's, tarts, undressed beauties, sparrow shit, goats and prisons all feature on this page.

Love My Goat
Bully Hill Winery
New York US
The wine is from Bully Hill, the winery started by Walter Taylor after he sold Taylor wines in New York. He was enjoined from using his own name on wines, so he got creative. The label used to say 'Produced by He-Who-Cannot-Be-Named'. Many of his labels are still used, including Love My Goat. Now 'Our products produced by the workers'. A red wine from hybrid vinifera grapes, never vintaged, and stated to contain one or more of the following: Aurora Blanc, Seyval Blanc, Ravat Blanc, Vidal Blanc, Verdelet Blanc, Rosette, Baco Noir, Cascade Noir, Chancellor Noir, Chelois Noir, Colobel Noir, Rougeon Noir, and Marechal Foch. All New York grown in the Hammondsport area.

Many thanks to Bruce Cameron in the US for taking the photo and sending the information. Bruce says 'My experience is that this is a catch-all wine, using up whatever is available. Inconsistent overall, but always a light fruity and very drinkable wine, a bit sweet. It really goes with a hot dog and a beautiful beach.'

Big House
Ca' del Solo
Santa Cruz
A close look shows a prisoner escaping on his bedsheets. Big House refers to Bonny Doon's new vineyard which is behind Soledad state prison, as does Casa del Solo.
It's yet another arresting label from Randall Grahm and a partner to Il Pescatore, on the previous page. that
Big House
Old Tart
The shops were emptied of this wine during the Christmas holidays by men buying them as gifts for their girlfriends. I wonder how many of those relationships lasted into the new year? I took the cowards way out and served it with the label covered with a chiller tube. It's a pleasant blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Terret.
It's a partner to Old Git on the previous page.
South Africa
When Spatz Sperling arrived in South Africa from his native Germany and made his first wine at Delheim he overheard a friend bluntly remark "It tastes like shit". Spatz redoubled his efforts, determined that one day his friend would drink his words. He went on to make world class wines on the slopes of the Simonsberg.

Spatzendreck is a late harvest sweet wine. Spatz Sperlings name means sparrow and Spatzendreck translates to sparrow shit, hence the cheeky golden sparrow doing a whoopsy into the cask.

This is a deliciously luscious sweet wine made from a blend of bukketraube, muscat and chenin blanc.

Visit Delheim's web-site at www.delheim.com
Forever Amber
South Africa
I had to buy this wine when I saw the lady in sexy stockings and suspenders looking out with those 'come to bed' eyes. The wine doesn't carry the name of the winery, which is strange but a little research brought out an interesting story.
The winery is Muratie, which has been making wine in the Cape for 300 years. In the 1920's it was owned by George Paul Canitz, a famous artist. It is rumoured that the model was also his mistress. The name Amber Forever makes a reference to a book of the time, Forever Amber. This painting, and others of his including a nude of the same woman, is on display in the 200 year old historic cellars.
Muratie was the first South African winery to plant Pinot Noir, and the current owner is a descendent of the original owners of the estate.
The wine is a sweet fortified muscat, delicious with a tang of orange marmalade and a clean fresh aftertaste. I enjoyed it as an after dinner wine, and it's quite popular served over crushed ice
"Devil Head"
This cheeky young devil's head in the vines stares out from the shelves just tempting you to buy. Primitivo is an Italian variety said to be identical to Zinfandel. It's a striking label and the wine inside matches, being all you'd expect from a good zinfandel at considerably less cost than California's offerings.

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