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Moschofilero Greece
Another excellent wine from Greece, a classy white with an informative label.
Zweigelt Hungary
Named after Dr Zweigelt who crossed Blaufrankisch with St-Laurent in 1922. It is now Austria's third red-grape, and here we see it as a varietal from Hungary. Made for ripening in northerly climates, I found it enjoyably fruity with a slight peppery taste.
This wine was made in the Nesmely winery northwest of Budapest.
Bonardo Argentina
Bonarda is mystery. There is a Bonarda variety grown in Italy but the variety grown in Italy is probably the same as the Charbono of California. It is the the most widely planted variety in Argentina and makes a flavoursome enjoyable wine.
Baco Noir Ontario
Baco Noir is a hybrid. A hybrid is a cross between vitis vinifera and native American vines. American vines produce wines with a distinctive flavour known as foxy - the taste reminds you of a wet dog. The Baco Noir hybrid loses the foxy taste and makes a wine so good that the French planted large amounts in Burgundy after phylloxera. In more recent years it has been replaced by more traditional varieties. But in Canada it suits the climate and makes a powerful black soft wine that I really enjoy. One side effect of the wine is to dye your tongue black. A small price to pay for such an excellent wine.

My tasting notes: Black with purple tints. Incredibly dark. Black pepper nose, fruits of the forest. Tastes like spicy blackcurrants, unusual, but not unpleasant aftertaste that just goes on and on.

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Golden Grapes China
This is one for a blind tasting. It is a classy fruity dry white apparently made from 'Golden Grapes', about which I know nothing.
Schonburger England
Schonburger is a pink skinned grape widely used in England, producing a full-bodied wine.

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27 September 1999