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Diversity in Wine

E ven more amazing wine labels.

Smoking Parrot
Smoking Parrot label
From a flying pig on the previous page to a Smoking Parrot. But the name of this French Sauvignon blanc is an amusing pun on a famous wine area. Have you made the connection?

Click here for the answer.

Recall Red California
Recall Red label


The Milano Family Winery, in Southern Mendocino County, was ready when California began the process of recalling their state Governor. Their Redneck Red's clever label is designed to match all political shades. The 'no clowns' logo over the state capital on the map of California could be read as "We don't want any clowns coming to Sacramento!" or "Get the clowns out of Sacramento.".
At time of writing, Arnold Schwartzenegger has just become the new Governor.
Owner/winemaker Deanna Starr tells me "it has gotten quite a rise out of the folks here in Califonia and across the nation. Even though the election is over it is still flying out of the door."
Frogs Piss France
This is an own label of Cheers Calais booze cruise store. The wine is fruity drinkable plonk, worth the few coins the wine cost. Frogs Piss  label
Cleavage Creek Napa Valley
Cleavage Creeklabel

"Premium grapes grown in the cleavage of of some of the most beautiful California hills are then handcrafted into an elegant complex wine that is full bodied yet vivacious" as the back label says, written over a photograph of the bare back of the lady pictured on the front label.

Owners are Jeff and Barbara Connor. Jeff told me "Barb's grandmother is a breast cancer survivor" who developed breast cancer in 1999 and survived thanks to early detection and modern technology. Ten per cent of proceeds from the wine go to breast cancer research.
This striking label is one of a series. Buy the entire collection and support the charity.
Sheila's Chardonnay Australia
Sheila's Chardonnay - although Bruce did help (a bit) is matched by Bruce's Shiraz. I chose the enjoyable Chardonnay for its alliterative name. Note the line at the bottom that assures us that 'no sheep were harmed during the making of this fine wine'. Sheila's Chardonnay  label
Lazy Lizard
Lazy Lizard label
Lizards appear on quite a few wine labels, and if you believe the stories, also in the wine when caught by automatic picking machines. But this one is safe and taking the starring role on the front of a pleasant southern French Syrah.

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28 March 2004